“The greatest street performer I have ever seen”

“Incredible, absolutely amazing”

“Strengthen your street show”

Learning to be a good street performer is a long road, full of hurdles and hard lessons. I know; I have lived it. I can make it a little easier for you by teaching you through the thousands of lessons I have learned. I will help you along your journey to becoming a successful street performer using the skills I have mastered over the last 20 years.

What you will learn:

  • How to structure a successful street show
  • How to build suspense and make them stay
  • How to build a large audience
  • How to make them pay
  • How to write jokes for your act
  • How to sell your act to festivals

I work with artists who are already out there and trying street performing. If you are driven and determined to be an excellent street performer, I can help mold your show into a world-class bookable act.

Options on how we will work together:

  • You come to my local pitch (Boston, USA)
  • Online video chats
  • I come to your local pitch
  • Group workshops
  • Performance recording critique

I can offer a quick review report, you send me a video of your show from front to back and I can rework it for you and make a full report with a detailed description on how to make it more successful.

“My show improved dramatically after a week with Al! The lessons he taught me saved many years of trial and error. Do yourself a favor and learn from his expertise!”
– Mighty Mike of Toronto, Canada

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