“The greatest street performer I have ever seen”

“Incredible, absolutely amazing”

“Strengthen your street show”

Learning to be a good street performer is a long road, full of hurdles and hard lessons. I know; I have lived it. I can make it a little easier for you by teaching you through the thousands of lessons I have learned. I will help you along your journey to becoming a successful street performer using the skills I have mastered over the last 20 years.

What you will learn:

  • How to structure a successful street show
  • How to build suspense and make them stay
  • How to build a large audience
  • How to make them pay
  • How to write jokes for your act
  • How to sell your act to festivals

I work with artists who are already out there and trying street performing. If you are driven and determined to be an excellent street performer, I can help mold your show into a world-class bookable act.

Options on how we will work together:

  • You come to my local pitch (Boston, USA)
  • Online video chats
  • I come to your local pitch
  • Group workshops
  • Performance recording critique

I can offer a quick review report, you send me a video of your show from front to back and I can rework it for you and make a full report with a detailed description on how to make it more successful.

“My show improved dramatically after a week with Al! The lessons he taught me saved many years of trial and error. Do yourself a favor and learn from his expertise!”
– Mighty Mike of Toronto, Canada

Al Millar


Al is a street theater performer with 20 years, 36 countries and 21 street theater awards under his belt. He is internationally acclaimed and respected as one of the top acts on the street and festival busking circuit. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, Al now lives and performs out of Boston, USA.

“One of the top 5 street performers of all time”
Eli Chornenki – CEO, Zero Gravity Circus

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“Al Millar is one of those rare instances where the product lives up to its reputation. There are many schools that claim to teach the fundamentals of street performing, but none with as much real world experience as Al. The advice you get from Al will be instantly applicable and will directly increase the size of your crowds. I have had the pleasure of watching Al’s street show as a punter and the privilege of sharing a pitch with him as a fellow performer. I am just glad he shared his advice with me BEFORE he got the idea to start charging money for it–though I’d still pay. Stop reading this testimonial and get yourself some coaching.”

– Eden Cheung, Vancouver.



“From specific advice tailored to my show in particular, to advice about street shows in general, Al’s coaching was very insightful. You can tell he’s thought deeply about what makes a show great. I realized that if I can prevent just one ‘walk off point’ each show, keeping a much larger amount of my crowd until the end, the coaching is an easy investment as it pays for itself after only a few shows. However, the tips and tricks I learned about how to create seamless transitions, pull people in, keep them happy until the end, and improve my hat pitch will pay dividends for years. Often among performers, it’s easy to get bits of advice here and there, but the type of focus and reworking of your show that Al is willing to give is a rare opportunity so I jumped at the chance. Spend a week with Al before he realizes he’s creating street show monsters and stops this program!”

-Mighty Mike, Toronto.



“When I met Alakazam I was a corporate & nightclub performer. I would dabble in the street with marginal success between gigs. At the 1999 Dundas Busker Festival we started busking together. I learnt a lot fast busking with Alakazam. I quickly learnt that you could build a show much bigger than I ever imagined. Alakazam can make your shows bigger and more profitable than you can imagine yourself. Having street performer revenue has helped me negotiate higher fees with my other clients because I have more options.  It also is the best place to get stage time and develop no fail material.  Alakazam is a Busker King.”


 -Brant Matthews- Fire-Guy, Toronto.

Hamilton, June 5, 2009 Ð Toronto-based busker Fireguy entertains the crowd on the opening night of Dundas International Buskerfest Friday night. The popular festival takes over King Street in Dundas for the entire weekend and features buskers and entertainers from around the world.(Assign. No. 13755)Photo by Scott Gardner, The Hamilton Spectator. standup


“Al gave me some sound advice on taking my show overseas to perform for different audiences and my show improved ten fold using his advice. I would absolutely recommend Al to help coach a successful street show.  He will help you pick apart the nitty gritty things that will take any show to the next level. If this was a martial art, Al would be a 10th degree black belt.”


Kilted Colin- Boston
 Kilted Colin Wind Blowing



“When I was 15 I saw my first street performer.  It was Alakazam.  He’s inspired me since day one to do this for the rest of my life. “

Alex Clarke- Los Angeles



“Al has always been supportive and encouraging on and off the pitch. I can remember him telling me years ago, when I thought my show was not working because I was not getting the monetary payoff that I thought it deserved, that the show was fine but it was my hat line that needed work. It was as simple as that. If he sees a problem in your show, he is always willing to help out to find the right solution.”

Magic Brian- New York